Cecelia Railey

Owner/President Jim Henry Enterprises, Inc.

I can’t remember who our last IT company was because Inner-Net has been with us for over 22 years.  Inner-Net handles all our systems, servers, and firewall.  We were hit with ransomware a few years ago, but because Inner-Net had set us up with a Barracuda Backup Server, it has a local copy and a cloud copy of all our data. They had us working the same day and everything completely restored in a few days, we didn’t lose any work time or data. Therefore, I have a clear sense of security that we can restore our data even if the local copy is lost and that Inner-Net has done a great job securing our data.

Inner-Net is trustworthy and goes the extra mile whenever we have issues.  I have called them on weekends, and someone answers the phone or will get back to me in minutes.  Inner-Net and Merlyn Osbourne treats us like family and that is the strongest sense of security I can have for my business!

Laura Lee
  • Firm Administrator
  • Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations

Dancie Ware Public Relations has had a 20-plus year relationship with Inner-Net, Inc.  As our business has grown, Inner-Net has grown with us and has always met our needs.  We have worked with other IT firms before, however; our relationship with Inner-Net has prevailed because of their dependability, flexibility, personal attention, and honesty.

In dealing with Merlyn Osbourne (president) and his team, they are always looking out for us to make sure we have the most up-to-date technology.  If there is a problem, he is always available to focus on it, explain all our options and begin to work on solving the problem immediately.  Merlyn and team are willing to find a solution that is satisfactory for everyone and that keeps our network secure. We highly recommend their services!

Mike & Liz Hopkins
  • Owner/President
  • Mike Hopkins Distributing, Inc.

My name is Mike Hopkins, Jr. and I am the President of Mike Hopkins Distributing, Company Inc.  We are the regional Central Texas distributor for a multitude of beverage products, primarily centered around our 30+ year partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev.  I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight our relationship with Mr. Merlyn M. Osbourne and his colleagues at Inner Net, Inc.

We have been working with Merlyn for nearly our entire company history, and we were founded in 1989.  Our relationship has spanned multiple generations of not only technology, but also family ownership.  This means Merlyn has been able to work with small business owners from basically the Baby Boomer Generation to current millennials.  Merlyn helped MHD move past the “paper” age transitioning into the “computer” age and now into the “cloud based” age with confidence and professional precision.  He has the unique ability to monitor the IT industry and suggest possible improvements to our system utilizing terminology that most people can understand…and he is usually spot on with his suggestions! 

In our modern technological & global world of 2020, cloud based encrypted backups are paramount to your digital security and business continuity.  Our single biggest benefit is knowing we have a trusted partner with Merlyn and his team to work with Barracuda to provide not only the backup, but also the security that these backups need to keep our business running without interruption.

Merlyn M. Osbourne treats us like family.  He takes our IT issues home with him in the same way a business owner takes any business problem home with them…that is how much he cares and wants to solve the problem.  He has the ability to communicate complex information where not only is it easy to understand, but he also allows a business to make an informed decision for their IT needs.  He will explain what he thinks is smart, but not pressure you into purchasing something you are not sure of for your business.  Furthermore, if you do have a serious IT issue, he has the expertise, experience, contacts, perseverance, and patience to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Merlyn M. Osbourne and his team at Inner Net, Inc. are as close as you can find to having an outside consultant treat you like they are your full-time employees.  We don’t have full-time IT needs, but when we do, he gives us full-time attention.  He has the drive to continue to stay abreast of the constantly evolving IT industry, and the experience to understand what is needed to keep your systems safe and operating efficiently. 

Sheena Pennington

Sales Director Pigs Unlimited International, LLC

Before we engaged the Inner-Net team, we had our server crash without having a good backup!  However, they came in restored all our data and setup a local backup using a Barracuda device that makes a local backup along with a copy in the cloud.  Therefore, I know that if something fails on a physical level, all our data is saved on the cloud where it can be easily retrieved.

 Inner-Net is very attentive to all our needs and concerns, no matter how big or small they may be.  If we email in a question or open a support ticket (which I can do via email), we typically have a response within minutes with an answer or just letting us know it is being worked on.

We have been a customer of Inner-Net’s for almost two years and have always felt like they would do anything in their power to help us with our needs, no matter the time of day.  I would recommend Inner-Net to anyone who wants peace-of-mind over their computers and data.